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Justice for Life is an outpatient judicial treatment alternative whose mission is to provide evidence-base interventions for individuals, so they can evolve to their optimal level of achievement. We believe that to stop negative habits and/or behaviors, individuals need internal motivation, professional insight, and viable skills to enact positive change. We know that to deter compulsive behaviors, interventions must utilize an eclectic approach that impacts the mind, body, and spirit. We know that individuals can transform in the cocoon from the worm to a butterfly.

Our Strategies What separates “Justice For Life” from other outpatient programs is that it focuses on "habilitation skills" rather than soley upon rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation assumes that the offender was responsible, capable, and stable before an arrest. Whereas habilitation dictates the offenders must first gain the missed stability in their lives in order to build a solid foundation through coping strategies without excuses. We recognize that many of the offenders are emotionally arrested before they are physically arrested. So, we use a unique modality that utilizes a person-in-the environment concept that promotes stages of personal development. JFL treats and/or confronts offenders with an interpretation/understanding of their culture and addresses their irrational thinking.

Our Goal

Our goal at Justice For Life (JFL) is reduce or extinguish negative habits, confront faulty thinking/behavior, and provide life skills the individuals can be accountable to himself, family and community.